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Edytor Liniowy

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Console line editor works either in multiline mode or in single line mode. In multiline mode line editor displays complete input line, even if it is longer than single terminal line. It also uses full screen editor for editing large text values, such as scripts. In single line mode only one terminal line is used for line editing, and long lines are shown truncated around the cursor. Full screen editor is not used in this mode.

Choice of modes depends on detected terminal capabilities.

List of keys

keyboard interrupt.
log out (if input line is empty)
clear from cursor to the end of line
toggle safe mode
toggle hotlock mode
toggle cellar
F1 or ? 
show context sensitive help. If the previous character is \, then inserts literal ?.
perform line completion. When pressed second time, show possible completions.
remove character at cursor
Control-H or Backspace 
remove character before cursor and move cursor back one position.
split line at cursor. Insert newline at cursor position. Display second of the two resulting lines.
Control-B or Left 
move cursor backwards one character
Control-F or Right 
move cursor forward one character
Control-P or Up 
go to previous line. If this is the first line of input then recall previous input from history.
Control-N or Down 
go to next line. If this is the last line of input then recall next input from history.
Control-A or Home 
move cursor to the beginning of the line. If cursor is already at the beginning of the line, then go to the beginning of the first line of current input.
Control-E or End 
move cursor to the end of line. If cursor is already at the end of line, then move it to the end of the last line of current input.
Control-L or F5 
reset terminal and repaint screen.

up, down and split keys leave cursor at the end of line.