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Manual:The Dude/Logi

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The Logs Pane allows you to set up new log, that can be used for local action logging, and for the built-in Syslog.

When adding a new log file, you can set the following settings:

  • Name - The name of your new log
  • Start new file - How often to start a new file, helps reduce the number of log entries in one file, and organizes logs for quicker navigation
  • Logs to keep - how many log files shoud the Dude keep before removing old ones
  • Buffered entries - how many entries to buffer in memory before writing to file

When double-clicking an existing log, you will be able to see the same settings, and in addition - the existing log files:

It is also possible to import a log file in case you want to combine logs from some previous location with the current Dude