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Sub-menu: /tool fetch

Fetch is one of the console tools in Mikrotik RouterOS. It is used to copy files from the network device to a Mikrotik.


Property Description
address (string; Default: ) IP address of the device to copy file from.
ascii (yes | no; Default: no)
dst-path (string; Default: ) Destination filename and path
host (string; Default: ) Domain name or virtual domain name (if used on web-site, from which you want to copy information). For example,
In this example the resolved ip address is the same (, but hosts are different.
keep-result (yes | no; Default: yes) If yes, creates an input file.
mode (ftp|http|tftp; Default: http) Choose the protocol of connection - http, ftp or tftp.
password (string; Default: anonymous) Password, which is needed for authentication to the remote device.
port (integer; Default: ) Connection port.
src-path (string; Default: ) Title of the remote file you need to copy.
url (string; Default: ) URL pointing to file. Can be used instead of address and src-path parameters.
user (string; Default: anonymous) User name, which is needed for authentication to the remote device.

The following example shows how to copy the file with filename "conf.rsc" from device with ip address by FTP protocol and save it as file with filename "123.rsc". User and password are needed to login into the device.

[admin@mt-test] /tool> fetch address= src-path=conf.rsc \
user=admin mode=ftp password=123 dst-path=123.rsc port=21 \
host="" keep-result=yes

Another example that demonstrates the usage of url property.

[admin@test_host] /> /tool fetch url="" mode=http 
  status: finished

[admin@test_host] /> /file print 
 # NAME                     TYPE                  SIZE                 CREATION-TIME       
 5 netaddresses2.pdf        .pdf file             11547                jun/01/2010 11:59:51

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